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Pinboard and—RSS

I’m a huge fan of for online bookmarking. Maciej is an awesome developer, has a strong business model1 (so he has no reason to sell your data), and delivered an open API. You can link your account to Twitter2, Instapaper, and Pocket; and also set your account to be completely private.3 There’s even the fun story of the Great Delicious Exodus of 2010. It also provides an easy way to start link blogging on via its RSS Feeds. If you want to send everything (I don’t recommend this) and have a public account, it’s as easy as adding to your feeds in the same manner as WordPress. I’d recommend choosing a tag, like to_blog,5 and creating a feed just for that: If you want to have more options, you can use up to three tags: Warning: I do not recommend using private feeds. @smokey let me know that future features may reveal them. If you’ve set up your account to be private, creating the feed is slightly more complicated. You have to add your authentication token6 to the address: I would definitely use https here and if someone gets a hold of your…

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