Reading George Fox

Where to post?

Thinking about where to do my microblogging. Right now, most of it lives as status posts here on my main blog, with a few specific (mostly long post announcements) going to my hosted site. Should I cross post statuses there? Or switch, leaving here for long form?

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A Little Rube Goldberg

So, syndicating from my website to works great. The last couple posts had some trouble being translated to Twitter though. @manton, probably my fault between the character count and the links. @Twitterrific saved the day with delete-and-edit.

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He Never Fails to Amaze Me

“In one particularly egregious example, Mr. Cuomo’s administration forced the M.T.A. to send $5 million to bail out three state-run ski resorts that were struggling after a warm winter.” I don’t know if there’s anything Cuomo could do that would surprise me.

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