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Re: Mac Power Users 148: Security Audit

Passwords, Email, Security, Oh My! This post originated as a reply to Ben Brooks’ excellent Encrypting Stuff Against Starbucks Hacker Bob. The Short Version I will be getting into the weeds a bit, so here’s the executive summary: You absolutely should be using a password manager. I recommend 1Password as it has great native apps, gives you the most control over where your database is stored, and has a worst-case scenario backstop, 1Password Anywhere. A select few essential passwords—your master password, your main email account, Dropbox—should be generated with Diceware instead. These memorable passphrases can easily be as strong as a random gibberish one and will easily stick around in your head. LuxSci provides an expensive, but extremely flexible[0] email solution. Their Escrow Messages are a significantly more secure replacement for David’s encrypted PDFs. The Long Version The Problem In their Security Audit, Katie and David provide a comprehensive overview of securing your Mac today; however, their discussion of passwords falls short in a few significant ways. Perhaps the most important is under-weighing the dilemma of losing access to your password store needs a robust solution. As Ben Brooks argues, if you lose access to your physical devices and your…

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Some Rough Thoughts on Anti-Racism

From a Letter to Jeff Hitchock My own leanings towards anti-racism started to crystallize last winter during my term at Pendle Hill: I took a Facilitating Group Learning course and was paired with an African American member of Cambridge Meeting, Michelle Brimage. It took much work and sitting together in the fire to come to trust one another: it was worth it. We both learned and grew. People of color have played a significant role in my life. My African American nanny took me on play dates in her neighborhood; I was given the loving nickname “Jamal” in high school for sitting at the Black kids lunch table; Artists of color have been important collaborators (I’m a lighting designer). I considered myself pretty racially enlightened. Through the work at Pendle Hill, I realized that it is impossible to be White in America and not be racist. The most personal aspect of my own racism is, from a young age (I remember it from 5), I have never been attracted to a Black woman. My dearest friend is a beautiful woman; we connect on a deeply spiritual level; I can truly say I love her. The buds of a romantic relationship,…

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Brooklyn Monthly Meeting Survey, Fall 2012

The following is my response to last fall’s Ministry and Counsel survey. What is it you need to know to connect to the collected recordings of valued spiritual revelations from Quaker history and to enhance your openness to spiritual revelation today? I spent a rather intense two week sabbatical at Pendle Hill last fall, during which I was led to read a fair amount of Quaker history and early testimonies. I found myself especially drawn to the writings of Isaac Pennington. Perhaps the Meeting could offer a reading group that met monthly to explore more Quaker writings, from early works to Pendle Hill Pamphletes and other contemporary writings (Benjamin Pink Dandelion would seem especially useful). What committee or group activities within the meeting or service outside the meeting foster or strengthen your sense of the spirit? I often struggle to wake up on time, but the worship sharings on the first and second First Days foster explorations. I’d also like to make it to more of the worship sharings proceeding the Young Adult Friends potlucks. I struggle with volunteering for the Community Dinners: I feel I ought to want to, but I’m often tired and don’t feel led. I do…

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