Reading George Fox

Personal APIs & Health

During In Beta #52: Schrödinger's FitBit, Kevin and Gina discuss personal APIs and, while they are intriguing, how it's hard to imagine a common use for them. One possibility down the road could be that personal apis1 would send data to health, especially mental health, professionals. There are already DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) apps for patients to track their actions and emotional states. Moreover, physical exercise and getting out of the house are important elements of getting better. Perhaps even music selection could turn out to informative (one use of aggregate data would be to find out).

Especially for patients in intensive outpatient therapy, it could end up helping therapists and facilitators a lot. Of course, there's still the problem of users entering the data, but the more automatable it is (FitBit, etc), the easier it would be.

  1. A more user friendly and very secure version.