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Wonder if I can set up Drafts to send posts to WordPress? Right now I’m using the WP app on iOS and it sucks to not have a character count. @manton, does the app allow titles, categories, and tags to be sent to a WordPress blog?

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8 thoughts on “Workflows & Posting

  1. manton

    @Bruce It can set the title, category, and post format, but not tags. If a post needs tags, I’ll usually just go add them in WordPress later after posting.

  2. Bruce

    @manton Right now the feed that picks up is based off a tag. If I changed it to an RSS feed that sent status and image posts, would everything get reposted on

  3. manton

    @Bruce Yes, will happily try to include everything that is in the feed. Sometimes it’s useful to have multiple feeds and just add specific ones to

  4. Bruce

    @manton Hmmm. But I don’t want to repost all the statuses and images that have already made it to via my tag based feed. I guess I should research how to make a feed with a designated start date.

  5. manton

    @Bruce If it’s coming from the same blog as before, the unique IDs on each blog post should be the same, so it’ll skip over any older duplicates.