Reading George Fox

Great Move by Apple

.@manton already mentioned this, but great response by Apple to the current brouhaha around iPhone battery throttling. If you have a 6 or 6S, it definitely makes sense to replace the battery once the price drops to $29. I certainly will.

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Only the Conservative Viewpoint

And the only opinions the NYTimes solicits are from people who are lukewarm to hostile about regulation. Including the Koch brother affiliated Mercatus Center, which seems to have a pretty dubious way of judging regulatory burden. The article even notes that they are counting restrictions on regulators as more regulation.

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Both Sides!

Right in the middle of a piece about Trumps inflammation of racism, @NYTimes drops a graph about how there have also been anti-Trump harassment & assault. Without any examples. ‘Cause we must leave the impression that “Both Sides Do It”.

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