Reading George Fox

Wise Advice

Hats off to @imyke‘s Saved by the Bell advice on the latest Upgrade: Don’t try to change your significant other’s workflow. A plethora of Safari tabs might seem nuts to you, but it makes sense to them. Madness that way lies.

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A Total Wreck

Healthcare in this country is a total wreck. Volunteers providing free care is heartwarming, but our society should be providing this care directly. It’s unconscionable that people have to camp out 14 hours ahead of time for a chance to see a doctor or dentist.

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Workflows & Posting

Wonder if I can set up Drafts to send posts to WordPress? Right now I’m using the WP app on iOS and it sucks to not have a character count. @manton, does the app allow titles, categories, and tags to be sent to a WordPress blog?

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